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Domus PRO

Domus PRO Business Center is a modern office building. The location of the building is strategically convenient in the rapidly developing northwestern part of Vilnius.

  • Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Office
  • 4831 m2
  • 2017

Key facts

The property is located in Northwestern part of the city – an area that is developing rapidly. It has a prime location just next to the city’s main roads – Ukmerges str and and Western Bypass.

Building features

6 storeys, flexible floor plans, underground parking lot with a capacity of 47 vehicles

Sustainability information





Narbutas Furniture company, KIWA Inspecta, Pristis, Pet City store and clinic, Ballet academy


Ukmergės st. 308, Vilnius 12130, Lithuania

Sustainability certification

BREEAM New Construction 2018

Domus PRO Business Center

About this property

Domus PRO Business Center is a B+ class office building in a very visible location just next to one of the main arterial roads of Vilnius. The 6-storey building offers excellent functionality and innovative engineering solutions.

Open ceilings give the office space a modern industrial design touch. Flexible floor plans allow for adapting the premises to the individual tenant’s needs.

Located next to Domus PRO Retail Park, employees working in the Business Center do not need to go far to get lunch, do their groceries or to go to the fitness center after work.

The property manager of this property is:

Vaida Šimoliūnė


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