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Our social impact

Social impact is at the heart of our business model. Our investments and decisions shape infrastructure and create space for communities to thrive.

The social aspects of our business

  • With a portfolio of office buildings, shopping centers, and leisure, we contribute to the social infrastructure in the Baltics, and we create space for local communities to thrive.

  • Our properties accommodate people who work and spend time in the buildings. As a result, our investment decisions and decisions on building improvements and amenities have a significant and direct impact on the health and well-being of many people.

Examples of shareholder engagement

Tenant dialogue

As an asset owner, it is crucial for us to have an ongoing dialogue with our tenants to understand how we can contribute to their success through improvements to our buildings, community events, reconstructions, and so forth.

Across asset classes, our asset and property managers are in direct contact with tenants and work together to improve assets and respond to any issues.

We conduct tenant satisfaction surveys at least annually and plan improvements accordingly.

Collaboration with
business partners

We engage with our business partners to ensure that the collaboration is built on mutual values of trust, transparency, and professionalism.

Investor communication

Maintaining a continuous and transparent communication with our investors is a key priority for us. We strive to provide investors with the information that they require to be well informed not only about the financial performance of the fund but also about strategic priorities, ESG, and events that might impact the fund’s activities.

Empowering our employees

We are committed to creating value to our shareholders and we strongly believe that empowering our employees is the key to maintaining and creating excellent product performance.

We support

Information sharing

Baltic Horizon aims to provide clear and transparent information – not only about its performance but also more broadly about investing in real estate funds and the future of real estate. Team members frequently do interviews, speak at real estate events, and join podcasts to share information.

Lithuanian Red Cross

Northern Horizon is supporting Lithuanian Red Cross with office space in Europa shopping center for administrative staff, volunteer training etc.

Investeerimis Festival

Baltic Horizon is a proud supporter of the annual investment event in Estonia that brings together retail investors, investment experts, entrepreneurs and listed companies.

Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Northern Horizon is a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The mission of the ECCI is to develop entrepreneurship in Estonia through business services and playing an active role in designing economic policy.