Northern Horizon Capital AS (the Management Company) as the management company of Baltic Horizon Fund (the Fund) announces the offering of 37,131,000 new units of the Fund. The number of new Fund units may increase further by 22,279,000, i.e. up to 59,410,000 (the Offer Units) in case the Management Company decides to use the Upsizing Option. Secondary public offering consists of units to be listed on NASDAQ Tallinn and units to be listed on NASDAQ Stockholm. Public offering consists of offering to retail investors in Estonia, Sweden, Finland and Denmark (after obtaining a respective licence) and of offering to institutional investors.

The offering of Offer Units is based on prospectus for public offering and listing of units, registered by the Financial Supervision Authority on 7. November 2016, together with its summaries in the Estonian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish languages that are electronically available on the website of the Fund An investor may ask the Management Company to send the prospectus together with its summary electronically to e-mail address as indicated by sending an e-mail to and also delivery of the hard copy of the prospectus and its summary at the location of the Management Company, at Tartu road 2, 10145, Tallinn by sending an e-mail to

Offer Units can be subscribed for in accordance with the following terms:

1.     The subscription period, during which it is possible to subscribe for Offer Units, commences at 08:00 on 8. November 2016 and ends at 11:00 on 30 November 2016 (Estonian time).

2.     In order to subscribe for Offer Units, an investor should contact either Swedbank AB, LHV Pank AS or Catella Bank S.A and register a transaction instruction for the purchase of securities in the form as set out by the either Swedbank AB, LHV Pank AS or Catella Bank S.A respectively. Retail investor wishing to subscribe for units in Estonia should contact a custodian that operates such investors’ securities account at the Estonian Central Registry of Securities. Retail investor wishing to subscribe for units in Sweden is requested to follow the procedure described in the prospectus.

3.     Offer Units will be listed on NASDAQ Stockholm on or about 8. December 2016.

4.     Offer Price will be equal to the NAV of the unit of the Fund as at 31 October 2016. The Offer Price will be disclosed on the website of the Fund referred above latest on 15. November 2016. The Offer Price will not exceed 1,37 euros per unit.

5.     The Fund has one class of units and the Offer Units are from the same class.


·        on 8. November 2016 the subscription period commences;

·        on 15. November 2016 the latest the Offer Price will be published on Fund’s website;

·        on 30. November the subscription period ends;

·        on 1. December 2016 the latest the Management Company will decide on the allocation of Offer Units;

·        on or about 5. December 2016 the allocated units will be transferred to the securities accounts of the investors;

·        on or about 8. December 2016 part of the Offer Units will be admitted to trading on NASDAQ Stockholm.

Baltic Horizon Fund is a registered public closed-end real estate fund and Baltic Horizon units began trading on the Nasdaq Baltic Fund list of July 6, 2016. The company’s stock symbol (ticker) is NHCBHFFT, after listing on NASDAQ Stockholm the Fund will receive a ticker NHCBHFFS.

The fund is managed by Northern Horizon Capital AS under an Alternative Investment Fund Manager license granted by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority.

Additional information:

Tarmo Karotam
Baltic Horizon Fund manager