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Risk management

A key factor of our ability to create sustainable value is having effective processes to identify, assess and manage risks effectively.

The approach to risk management

There are many risks in our operating environment and new risks continuously emerge.

The overarching principle is not to take risks that would threaten the fund’s ability to achieve its overall business strategy. Except for operational risks, the aim is not to eliminate all risks as this would simultaneously eliminate all chances of rewards and opportunities. Instead, the focus is on ensuring that risks are known and addressed through an effective risk management process.

In general, all operative risks shall be minimized and only those business risks which are reasonably quantifiable and manageable will be taken.

The risk management

The risk management approach for the Fund covers the
following processes:


Proper governance


Risk identification


Risk measurement


Risk reporting


Risk management and mitigation

Risk management services from the Management company

Based on an internal control and risk management framework, the Management Company provides the following risk management services to the Fund:

Ensure risk management policy and risk management function

Identify risks

Monitor and control risks

Monitor liquidity risks

Implement necessary risk controls

Implement risk management systems and processes

Implement due diligence process

Maintain procedures to combat money laundering

Identify, measure, manage, and monitor risks associated with each material investment position and their overall effect on the Fund’s portfolio

Apply stress testing procedures to ensure that the risk profile corresponds with the investment strategies and objectives

Maintain leverage limits