Baltic Horizon Fund is proud to announce that for the second year running, the Fund has received the Gold Award of the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) for reporting excellence.

The award is the result of a long-term effort of the Fund’s management team to provide the highest quality financial reporting and communication to its investors and other stakeholders. In 2021, the Fund has adopted updated EPRA Best Practices Recommendations (BPR).

“It is a top priority for the Fund to deliver transparent, thorough and comparable information to investors and other stakeholders, so we are delighted to maintain the EPRA Gold Award.

Our long-term strategy is to deliver recurring income to our unitholders and be the first choice for investors looking for diversified exposure to Baltic commercial real estate. Being the first choice requires high quality of financial reporting and communication so this will remain a key focus area for us”, commented Tarmo Karotam, Fund Manager of Baltic Horizon Fund.

In 2020, Baltic Horizon Fund received a “Gold Award” for the adoption of EPRA BPR and a “Most Improved Annual Report Award” for the outstanding improvement in reporting quality and compliance with the Association’s BPR. Baltic Horizon Fund was the first – and remains the only – REIT from the Baltics to receive an EPRA BPR award.

For more information about the BPR Awards methodology and the survey conducted by Deloitte, please refer to EPRA Annual Report Survey 2020/2021.

About European Public Real Estate Association

As the leading real estate industry organization in Europe, The European Public Real Estate Association works to promote, develop, and represent the European public real estate sector. The annual EPRA BPR awards aim to recognize the efforts of listed real estate companies that have successfully implemented the EPRA BPR Guidelines based on the assessment performed by Deloitte.

About Baltic Horizon Fund

Baltic Horizon Fund is a regulated, evergreen real estate investment fund registered in Estonia, managed by Northern Horizon Capital AS. It is traded on Nasdaq Tallinn and Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchanges. The Fund currently manages EUR 347 million worth of assets across three Baltic capitals, targeting quarterly distributions of 80% of generated net cash flow. Baltic Horizon’s long-term strategy is to become a leading Baltic property owner, investing in properties in strong urban locations with solid tenants and stable cash flows, creating a well-diversified, income-producing portfolio.

For more information:
Tarmo Karotam, Fund Manager, Baltic Horizon Fund
Phone: +372 508 9044